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Pianderna Agriwellness stands on the first hills of Reggio Emilia at an altitude of about 300 meters. The estate is located within a hunting reserve and covers 100 hectares of cultivable land, 38 hectares of woodland, and 4 lakes, becoming a paradise for those who want to enjoy the spectacle of nature in absolute relaxation without missing out on any comfort. It is a place to savor genuine food, to stay for short or long periods, to purchase healthy and high-quality products, still cultivated using ancient methods.

For us, eco-sustainability is not just a philosophy, but a concrete fact ...

For us, eco-sustainability is not just a philosophy, but a concrete fact, and for this reason, we guarantee the freshness and genuineness of our products at 0 km. Pianderna is indeed an organic farm because we believe in production that does not pollute or contaminate nature with chemical or synthetic additives, in full respect of the environment and land rotation. The passion for pristine nature and safeguarding it through an eco-compatible approach to the territory is the foundation of the concept of natural symbiosis offered by the Estate.

An enchanting venue

Wedding is a special moment in everyone's life. It's an opportunity to celebrate love and the union of two souls, but also to share joy and happiness with loved ones.


For reservations or to organize private and corporate events:

RTP srl Società Agricola
Via Pianderna, 9
42019 Scandiano (RE)
CF - P. Iva 02354590354

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